South Riverdale community members, staff and artist Rocky Dobey began meeting in December 2010, following a very difficult year in which we lost twelve of our friends. We have met monthly since then and through a collaborative process of brainstorming, sharing stories outreaching to community, fundraising and creating art. The memorial was unveiled in July 2013!

Amazing fundraising events we participated in along the way include: Selling copper memorial buttons at the Riverdale Art Walk in June 2011! Attending and speaking about the Memorial at the For You I Was A Flame – A Tribute to Amy Winehouse & Back to Black at the Gladstone Hotel in September 2011! Learning silkscreening from the Beehive Collective and printing memorial posters to sell in November 2011! Having so much fun at the FUCKED UP 2-night fundraiser at the Great Hall for the Drug Users Memorial and Barrière Lake Defense Fund in December 2011!


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